Discover Yoümop®, the cleaning tool built for a better
clean AND a better cleaning experience!

If you've tried the rest,
then reach for the best!

Yoümop® is uniquely designed to make household cleaning a pleasure for people of all ages. Made of premium, high-quality materials like stainless steel and EVA foam, Yoümop® puts even the most popular mops and sweepers to shame.

Try it, and you’ll see right away why Yoümop® is the best
cleaning tool you’ve ever bought!

Dot your Spots®

Yoümop®’s patented extra-large cleaning head is made of soft EVA foam featuring a unique raised pattern that gets the grime out of grout and textured surfaces!

Rock and Talk

Yoümop®’s integrated speaker/microphone handle features Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect to phones and other devices up to 300 feet away so you can jam or chat while you clean!

Built to the Hilt

Other cleaning tools are made overseas with cheap materials. But Yoümop® is assembled in the USA with premium-grade stainless steel, EVA foam, and durable plastic!


Lime Bundle

  • Premium Cleaning System. Yoümop  cleans,disinfects and deodarizes in a single step.
  • Our Dotted XL EVA Foam delivers deeper cleaning into your grouts. DOT YOUR SPOTS® …
  • 3 Different Atttachments under 1 Adjustable Steel Pole
  • 360 Degree Rotation, effortless cleaning.
  • Expandable Clamp attaches to the pole to hold your accessories.
  • Detachable Speaker with Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity up to 300 feet.
  • Assembled in USA and Eco Friendly

Get our 6 Gallon bucket FREE! (Retail Value of  $34.99)

Free Youpoo Toilet Spray
(Retail Value of $9.99)

Free XL Disposable 12 Count Wet Cloth
(Retail Value $9.99)

You probably know how standard flat
 headed mops and sweepers don’t
work with grout lines between tiles. If
anything, they just push the dirt into
them and leave it there. But not
YoüMop®, with our patented Dot Your
Spots® technology.

YoüMop®’s flat sweeper head is made
of soft yet durable EVA foam
featuring a graduated pattern of
raised dots. This allows our extra-
large cleaning head to reach deep
into grout lines and other textured
surfaces to power away dirt and
grime. Why clean only PART of
your floor?

The Dot Your Spots®


Lemon Wet/Dry Mop Kit 

  • Single Mop Unit with XL Disposable Wet Cloth and XL Machine Washable  Microfiber Dry Sweeping Cloth
  • Unquely designed XL Dotted EVA Foam. DOT YOUR SPOTS® …
  • Adjustable Steel Pole, lowest adjustment 3’2″
  • 360 Degree Rotation, effortless cleaning.
  • Expandable Clamp to hold your accessories including your phone, water bottle, etc.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to use your phone and play music up to 300 feet
  • Assembled in the USA and Eco Friendly

Get our Yoümop® Kneeling Pad FREE (Retail value of $8.99)

Free Youpoo Toilet Spray
(Retail Value of $9.99)

Free XL Disposable 12 Count Wet Cloth
(Retail Value $9.99)

Bundle and Save

To REALLY CLEAN UP on value, choose our LIME BUNDLE.
It includes everything you need to blow your mop game out of the water!

3 easy-change XL-size cleaning attachments // Adjustable stainless steel pole
Expandable utility clamp // Detachable Bluetooth 5.0 speaker/microphone handle
Reusable heavy-duty microfiber cleaning cloth // Disposable wet mop cleaning cloth
Also comes with a FREE 6-gallon wheeled bucket! (a $34.99 value!)
Mop for mop, the LIME BUNDLE is our best professional
quality cleaning bundle, hands down!
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